What We Do

Space can comfort, inform, entertain, inspire, motivate, foster interaction, create an identity and mirror a culture. At Lazern Design, our experience reveals that the most successful projects are those in which the interior design, building architecture and external environment work to create an enriching interior space that meets client goals and expectations.
Every interior design project is unique. At Lazern Design, we believe that through our processes and methodologies, the collaboration of many skilled individuals and effective communication with our clients, we can transform their goals into working environments that satisfy functional and strategic needs and contribute to the success of their business.
At Lazern Design, our multi-disciplinary staff:
• Creates dynamic environments that support and contribute to the success of the client’s business
• Provides exceptional design that inspires all who occupy and visit the space
• Seeks to deliver services that consistently meet quality, schedule and cost objectives
• Strives to communicate with clients in their own language so that they can make the informed decisions needed to achieve their objectives
• Is committed to acting as a trusted advisor to our clients
We are a design firm with perspective informed by our many Lazern Designers and their varied backgrounds—all of whom embrace the power of design as a transformative force for our clients and society.
In order for design to be meaningful, it must enrich the lives of those who experience it. Being a market smart design firm means leveraging our unique skills as design thinkers. It reflects our ability to “connect the dots” that others may not see in the pursuit of solutions that are truly transformative for our clients. Consistently recognized by the Malaysia Institute of Architects and other leading professional organizations for architectural innovation, our design teams continue to deliver powerful solutions as varied as our clients and their needs
Lazern Construction Services focus on implementation and in-depth understanding of cost, schedule, and construction delivery strategies complement our world-class design talent. We have the knowledge, tools, and relationships to ensure that fully optimized solutions to client facility goals are developed and constructed. We connect what clients want and need with design solutions that respond to the complex scope-schedule-cost balance that is unique to each project. 
These capabilities permeate our organization and make us better team members and partners on all of our projects. In addition to establishing strong relationships with our clients from the initial feasibility and development of project requirements, we also embrace a much wider perspective. Because we have actively performed their roles, we understand what all team members need to know and do to achieve their individual and collective goals as well as those of our clients, creating a win-win scenario for all.
Our culture of design excellence works hand-in-hand with our focus on project delivery excellence. Our capabilities in design and program development give us unique insights into client organizational needs and goals and help to create strong team relationships founded on mutual trust. We are client advocates and agents—assuring that the design and construction of facility solutions meet—and exceed—critical client business goals. 
Lazern integrates design and project delivery expertise. Designers work side by side with in-house cost, scheduling and construction professionals. This allows both clients and teams to benefit from in-depth cost/schedule/constructability knowledge early in the project definition stage. It ensures a multi-dimensional approach to the exploration of efficient, cost-effective, and knowledgeable solutions that meet the strategic business objectives of our clients. 
Lazern offers expertise in alternative construction delivery methods tailored to suit each client, including:  Construction Management Extended AE Services  Design-Led Design-Build  Program Management.

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