A very talented design staff, whose collective experiences span decades, delivers successful projects on time, on budget and of high quality to our clients. Lazerns’ designers have expertise in a variety of design disciplines, and are continuously updating their knowledge through continued training and the extensive Lazern’s in-house library. Our designers also possess excellent communication and presentation skills to ensure that no matter what type of project, our clients can expect unparalleled service and a seamless process.
power and experience in managing the selection, purchasing, and coordinated installation of Residential, Contract and Hospitality interiors. Our purchasing power is unmatched by most of our competitors, allowing us to pass these savings along to our clients.
Zen Ngiam - Design Director
I believe that a real collaboration between homeowner and designer will result in the creation of personal, unique interiors that will offer comfort and enjoyment for many years. What I strive to create with my clients is a home that will stand up to the everyday use of a busy lifestyle, a home you will enjoy returning to each and every day. The interior decorator service I provide is exceptional, with keen attention to detail and excellent follow-up, as I work to give clients the freedom to enjoy their lives while I focus on each step of the project.
Chris Chang - Consultant & Marble Specialist.
I believe in the relentless nature of Passion. Exceptional design has the capacity to transform our world, to make it more beautiful, more secure, more accessible and more valuable. This belief feeds our passion and life should be Fun. Creating living environments is exciting, rewarding and fun for us, and we believe in sharing these dynamics with our clients.
Ms. Tong - Architect
I’ve offer a unique combination of architectural, design, engineering and construction knowledge. This background makes me a great team player with architects, engineers and general contractors. I enjoy working with new unusual materials, and takes pride in staying current with the latest products and technologies. “Interior Design is a service industry” and Lazern Interiors provides knowledge and management to ease their clients through the design process.
Mr. Lau - Main Contractor
Nothing makes me happier than knowing I’ve helped create a home where you can truly relax, be yourself and enjoy your surroundings. I sincerely believe that coming home to a beautiful, personalized space after a hard day’s work is revitalizing. That’s why we’re called Haven.
Derek Choong - Project Manager
I find that working with homeowners who seek thoughtful design, attention to detail, and a personalized home is a joyful creative process. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your project goals.
Benn Leong - Project Manager
I believe in the strength of Dedication. Nothing great happens unless you will it to happen. Design is not a nine-to-five process, it is a lifestyle to which we have each given ourselves. This was not only a conscious decision but an inevitable conclusion, and it brought us all together at Lazern Interior Design.
LiYen - Interior Designer
I believe in the power of Creativity. The most innovative designs blend, in just the right amounts, the context of place, the economies of finance, the physical tangibles and the intangibles of people. Creativity seasons the mix by adding excitement and surprise.
Wennyex Lim - Interior Designer
Your home has the ability to invigorate, relax, entertain and revive you. It should be a reflection of what you want to say and how you live your life– not your designer or society’s whims. I strive to understand my clientele, their personalities, and their desires so that their space reflects their vision and goals for the project.
Candy - Interior Designer
As a Certified Interior Designer I believe that interior spaces should be as stunning as they are practical. A smartly designed environment makes a statement while producing a feeling that makes you comfortable and at home.
Mr. Goey - Accountant
I’ve strive maintain the standards and professionalism and personalised accounting service. Through professional consultation, honest and open communication with Lazern, I can save the time and money while helping Lazern pursue their unique goals. We work together to find a billing structure and an accountancy and tax strategy that works best for Lazern’ needs, taking into account the type of project and anticipated work.
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