“Were I called on to define, very briefly, the term art, I should call it the Reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature through the veil of the mist”.
Zen Ngiam
Where the Work is born.
At Lazern ID, we take Interiors further.
We understand the Creation and Execution of Interior Architecture and Decoration projects as merely the starting point for a dialogue between Lazern ID and the Client.
We research, Plan, Develop, Estimate, Execute and Implement Projects with Creative Concepts adapted to each type of challenge we are set.
Private residences, Luxury and Boutique Hotels, SPAs, Boats, Restaurants, among other projects developed by Lazern, in the private and public sectors, reflect the Lazern’s versatility and have garnered international praise and countless awards.
In the Hotel business, we have three decades of design experience, to which we now add an innovative Procurement service, putting at our client’s disposal the best price-quality ratio through direct supply from manufacturers, selected through tenders. Lazern offers a global-scale Service, with highly qualified Design and project Management teams that are available.
LAZERN is the vital element when it comes to home or office interior designing and interior decorating. Today people are very much conscious about home and office interior space planning and designing it accordingly. Keeping many things in mind, be it for health benefits or beauty, everybody desires to have spacious atmosphere in home and office. People have started considering changes in shape of the space to make the surrounding areas more impressive and appealing from both within and out. 
People either straight away start from buying a proper space for building there dream home or office, or buy spacious accommodations or try some modifications in their existing dwellings. We provide solutions for all types of requirements, whether you are looking for a new plot or modifications in the existing structure. At Lazern, we recognise that the your dream home is of utmost importance to you and your loved ones and as such we strive to provide you with the best value.
Lazern can help you to create your signature look. The outstanding home & office interior décor and design services includes - wall decors, accessory designs, products for a well designed home or office, to cater to all your creative needs.
• Project analysis • Briefing • Space planning • Layouts • Concept Development •B udget analysis • Architect and builder liaison • Team selection within the Viterbo Team according to project profile • Project Development • Research •Mood boards  • Trays with material samples • Renderings • Technical drawings • Lighting design • Concept Presentation
• Drawings for tender • Shop drawings • Finishing specifications • Fittings and equipment specifications • Carpentry drawings
• Project clarification with on site teams • Material review samples • Quality control
• Project analysis•Research • Mood boards • Trays with material samples • renderings • Technical drawings • Decorative  Lighting design • Concept Presentation
• Drawings for tender • Interior design book • Furniture and decorative items specs • Estimates for Interior Design Project execution
• Orders • Order & time & quality control
• Logistics management • Installation teams coordination • Quality control
• Architecture•Feng Shui • Landscaping • Art & Antique Consultant • Lighting Design
• Procurement | Organizing international tenders for project execution
At Lazern ID, each project tells a story with its own identity, and  our Expertise is reflected in our projects.

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