Hospitality and Spa Division

Backed by our experienced and hard working team of professionals, we are pleased to introduce our separate division for Hospitality and Spa that is headed by a highly experienced Group Head. We undertake designing and execution as well as maintenance of Swimming pools, Jacuzzis, vicchi shower, massage equipments, beauty salon equipments, therapy equipments etc.
Leveraging on our expertise in the industry, we can also plan gymnasium and also take up maintenance service. We can take up on turn key basis, Resorts, Jungle Lodges, and Hotels from drawings, architecture, construction, interior designing, and equipments to trials and handing over. With your design theme and overall atmosphere in mind, we create conceptual designs for resorts, spas, bistros, and restaurants.  We’ll help you take the project from planning through finish- with space planning, material selections and finishes on through to furniture specifications and art work.  We support the building team with on demand details, site visits and 3d visualizations.
The organization and management of the spa area has become one of the most important and expensive investments within the conventional hospitality industry. Architects, designers, spa consultants solve problems posed by the hotels owners. When all done and implemented with passion and strategy, correctly accompanied by a professional sales & marketing team, one can count on media, and finally guests to buy into the amazing combination of travel and wellness.
The Spa delivery within the hospitality industry may have different formats, but each must represent the richest variety of services needed for health, recovery, improvement of appearance, and a comfortable communicating and leisure of guests. For the industry it simply needs to show a healthy balance sheet, and an educated team that innovates, and understands Spa management, more than ever before!
In today's hectic lifestyle of megacities, Spa is an oasis of appeasement, where you can get away from the daily hassle, from stress, to make up the energy and find new strengths. The guest when given a choice will choose the hotel that has a Spa. That was the reason for the beginning of the recent Spa Boom.
In addition to the Spa being a service there is a growing demand by guests for improvement of health, which was what the Spa really was intended for in the old days.  Development of the Spa and Marketing it at the hotel is now one of the leading trends in modern hospitality industry. A recent showcase of the Leading Hotels of the World show almost all leisure hotels featuring a solid Spa concept.
Interaction of the hotel and spa is becoming very dynamic and helps the hotel to increase occupancy and profitability. Senior Management is engaged in offering a range of treatments in combination with an F&B and hotel room offering.
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